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A Seychelles Tourism Academy compromete-se a abrir mais portas aos seus trabalhadores

seychelles etndd
seychelles etndd
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The Seychelles Tourism Academy is on the right track of upholding the policy
of its parent ministry, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, to take its

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The Seychelles Tourism Academy is on the right track of upholding the policy
of its parent ministry, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, to take its
professional workforce to new heights for self-empowerment.

In its move to embrace new waves of teaching and prepare its workforce for the
opening of the new Tourism Academy, Flavien Joubert, the Principal of the
Seychelles Tourism Academy, gave his blessing for three of his in-service staff
to proceed on overseas attachments and to continue learning. Marion Etienne,
head of the Academic Program, left Seychelles on Monday, September 8, for a
three-month attachment at the China Hebei Tourism Academy College.

In 2013, the Seychelles Tourism Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding
with Hebei Tourism Academy College paving the way for 24 Chinese students to
undertake an internship in Seychelles tourism establishments.

In exchange, the Seychelles Tourism Academy sent Marion Etienne to China on a
professional attachment to experience college teaching in its language
laboratories for foreign students.

Hebei College, with an intake of 12,000 students, is an excellent reference
point where the Seychelles Tourism Academy can continue to benefit from best
teaching practices of language laboratories.

Michel Athanase, with six years of experience at the Seychelles Tourism Academy
as Residence Manager, left Seychelles Wednesday, September 10, for Harbin
University in Northeast China.

Michel Athanase will be attached for one month at the University for Management
course. The Seychelles Tourism Academy believes these exchanges are incentives
for its staff to develop their professional performance and deliver the same
level of teaching entailed in an international-reputed tourism academy.

Both Marion Etienne and Michel Athanase are convinced their experience will
become great assets to the Seychelles Tourism Academy.

Brigitte Joubert, Head of Hospitality Management Course (ADHM), is on her part
by making a giant leap forward in her professional skills. Brigitte Joubert has
benefited with a government’s Master’s scholarship in sustainable tourism

Brigitte Joubert is due to leave Seychelles during the course of the month for
Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom, where she will spend a year to
validate her Masters.

The first degree holder in Tourism and Geography said sustainable tourism is a
course presently offered as an Advance Diploma and Hospitality Management and
takes up to 3 years.

She claims the Master’s degree will “complement her teaching at Seychelles
Tourism Academy.” Prior to their departure, Flavien Joubert, the Principal of
the Seychelles Tourism Academy, accompanied the three workers for a farewell
call on Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and

At the meeting, in the presence of the PS for Tourism Anne Lafortune and Mr.
Flavien Joubert, the Principal of the Tourism Academy, Minister St.Ange
addressed Marion Etienne, Michel Athanase, and Brigitte Joubert saying that it
was important for the country to open new doors of opportunity for
self-empowerment of its workers.

“These attachments and studies will open up your mind to new ways of thinking,”
said Minister St.Ange.

The Minister added that the ministry will ensure upon completion of their
courses that these 3 workers will be given new incentives in their employment at
the Tourism Academy.

“When you come back, we will make it our duty to move you up the ladder and help
you achieve new heights. The Seychelles Tourism Academy needs to continuously
have such refresher attachment periods for its dedicated staff, and it needs to
continue to encourage staff to undertake further studies. Today I say
congratulations to the three of you, because of your dedication to the students
and to our Tourism Academy, you have been chosen to broaden your horizons,”
Minister St.Ange said.

Congratulating Flavien Joubert for upholding the Ministry of Tourism and
Culture’s strategy to seek “brighter horizons” for staff empowerment, Minister
St.Ange said his vision should be an example for top managers of the ministry.

Seychelles is a founding member of the <a href=” http://tourismpartners.org/”
target=”new”> International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .</a> More
information on the Seychelles Minister and the island’s tourism industry on:

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